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  • 175 Years of 'Grand Design' at Government House

    Like many houses, Government House Sydney underwent (and continues to undergo) changes to improve both aesthetics and amenity. As necessary, alterations have adapted an essentially European architectural model to a unique Australian... more »

  • Governor Gipps: First Governor at Government House – 'Worst Governor' or 'Strong Governor'?

    Image: Governor George Gipps' Portrait  c1846, Eden Upton Eddis, Government House SydneyWith the new Government House almost complete, the 9th Governor of New South Wales, Governor Gipps (1838-46), and Lady Gipps moved in, leaving behind... more »

  • Government House Raises The Flag

    Image: Frederick Garling, Government House Sydney, 1845Credit: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales“The move to the new Government House was gradual.  Beginning with a flag raising on Queen Victoria’s birthday, for the two... more »

  • Inside the Frame: A Continuing Tradition of Portraiture

    Of major cultural and historic significance to NSW and Australia, the Government House portrait collection spans more than two centuries of history from British settlement to the present time. It shows the changing styles of art - from... more »

  • Contemporary Australian Design in Heritage Garden Landscape

    The Eastern Terrace of Government House Sydney has recently undergone a major facelift - its first in nine years. The challenge of re-designing the Eastern Terrace was one which leading landscape architect Jane Irwin could not resist when... more »

  • Stonework Heraldry - A link from the past to the present

    In the late 1830s, Architect Edward Blore included in his specifications for the new Government House that:'…the panels between the ground floor and bed room windows of the North and East fronts to be moulded and filled in with carved work... more »

  • Roy de Maistre Garden Mystery

    In August 2019, Government House received a request from Mr Andrew Gaynor, an independent researcher, to locate the place at Government House Sydney where Roi de Mestre (aka Roy de Maistre) may have painted the following scene (see... more »

  • Tales of a Vice Regal Vanilla Orchid

    Just over a year ago, the Vice Regal household’s Vanilla Orchid was in bloom! This was a rare, precious and beautiful botanical event, as Vanilla Orchids are extremely difficult to pollinate. No wonder they are the second most expensive... more »

  • Not Your Usual Standard

    The Governor’s Standard is the name of the flag, banner or pennant which represents the Governor; it is sometimes also referred to as the Governor’s Personal Standard or the Governor’s Personal Flag.  In New South Wales, the Governor’... more »

  • The History of the Arcade

    Government House has recently completed the restoration of the Arcade ceiling to its original condition. Restoration has removed the 20th Century painted finish to reveal the original timber.  Construction of the Arcade began in 1879... more »

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