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This page is for those who would like to discover more about Government House and will feature a growing range of videos and other resources. Our Stories page and Virtual Tour are also great places to visit to get to know more about this iconic "Castle by the Harbour" which celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2020.

Coats of Arms

Here at Government House, the coats of arms of all 38 former Governors of New South Wales are on public display, from the stain glass version of Captain Arthur Phillip to the modern representation of our last Governor, General the Honourable David Hurley.  In the following videos our team look at the symbolism used in Governor Bashir and Governor Hurley's Coats of Arms.

The music used in this video is titled Hopeful Journey, composed by Scott Holmes and is licensed under CC BA 4.0 

The music used in this video is titled Corporate Presentation, composed by Scott Holmes and is licensed under CC BA 4.0 

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