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The Governor of New South Wales has 10 Honorary Aides-de-Camp (including representatives from each Service), and one Aide-de-Camp In Waiting, who are responsible for assisting the Governor and Government House Sydney team with formal procedures, such as receiving, presenting and farewelling guests at official calls, receptions, luncheons and dinners. Honorary Aides-de-Camp also have a special role in investiture ceremonies, where they present the insignia to the Governor who then invests the recipient.

Honorary Aides-de-Camp are also called upon to represent the Governor on official and ceremonial occasions. These include attending services or other functions, or greeting Heads of State or senior dignitaries on the Governor’s behalf as they arrive in or depart from New South Wales.

Government House Sydney does not have any permanent Aides-de-Camp. All queries regarding the Vice Regal Program should be addressed to the Official Secretary and all protocol queries should be directed to the Manager Protocol.

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