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Throughout the day, Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC, Governor of New South Wales, and Mr Dennis Wilson received a number of guests in the context of virtual meetings, conducted by video link.

In the morning, Her Excellency, as Patron, received Mr Joseph Orland, Honorary Director, Finance Officer and Company Secretary; Mrs Olwen Smith, Honorary Director, Executive Officer, Member Protection Information Officer and Development Officer; and Ms Tracy Lucas, Honorary Director Grants, Marketing and Fundraising, from the Riding for the Disabled Association (NSW). For further information visit:

Afterwards, the Governor and Mr Wilson, as joint Patrons, received Ms Margaret Scott, President; and Ms Jo-Anne Reeves, Chief Executive Officer, of Parkinson’s NSW. For further information visit:

In the afternoon, Her Excellency, as Patron, received Mr Mark Dyer, President; Ms Brigette Sancho, Vice President; and Mr Geoffrey Wilbow, Honorary Secretary, from the Rotary Club of Sydney. For further information visit:

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