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Patronages are not granted to organisations of a political connection and seldom to those of sectarian connections, to newly formed organisations which have not yet proved themselves, to those which are purely commercial or to branches of any wider organisation which has its headquarters in New South Wales.

In whatever capacity the Governor is associated with a New South Wales organisation (whether Patron, Honorary Commodore, etc), her name must head the list of those associated, with the exception of the name of The King.

Since the Governor is His Majesty’s representative only within New South Wales, her Vice Regal Patronage does not extend to organisations or functions outside the State, except under her own name as a private individual.

Patronage cannot be shared with anyone other than with His Majesty or another Vice Regal person.  Should an organisation seeking Vice Regal Patronage already have a patron,  he or she must be prepared to adopt another role such as 'Ambassador'.

The Governor’s association with public appeals for money should be strictly limited.  It is not proper for Government House Sydney to be seen as being used for the collection of money.

The grant of Patronage applies only for the period during which the Governor holds office.

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