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With the many patronage requests received by the Governor, it is necessary to request supporting documentation to assist patronage consideration. Requests for the Governor and/or Spouse to be patrons of an organisation should include the following supporting documentation:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association, or Constitution
  • Recent annual report (if published) or statement of the organisation’s activities (if no annual report is available)
  • Recent financial statements, giving evidence of financial stability
  • Evidence of longstanding and continuity (at least five years), and a sustained record of achievement
  • Suggestions of how the organisation would involve its patron in its activities

Note: this information is sought for the sole use of Government House Sydney and will not be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the originating body.

To apply for patronage from the Governor of New South Wales, please submit a Patronage Application Form. (DOCX) 40 KB

Administrative Details

if so please provide details
please include name and position
e.g. medical, sport, arts, military
e.g. national body, local branch, peak body

Thank you for your time to complete the form and supporting documentation. Should you have any questions regarding the progress of your organisation’s request for Vice Regal support, please phone Government House Sydney on 02 9228 4111 or email

Organisation Declaration

I confirm that the information being provided is true and accurate. I understand that any inaccurate or incomplete information may impact on the decision by Government House Sydney to recommend Vice Regal support to my organisation.

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