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When sitting on a stage or dais at a conference or on ceremonial occasions, the Governor and Mrs Hurley are seated together next to the host or the person presiding.  Ideally, the Governor will be on the host’s right, and Mrs Hurley on the Governor’s right.  However, this may not work in all circumstances.  Suitable alternatives can be discussed with Government House Protocol.

For a lunch or dinner the Governor prefers guests to be seated opposite him and Mrs Hurley, as well as beside them.  It is difficult to make conversation with people on one side only of an official table.  Here also it is appropriate for the Governor to sit on the right of the host, and Mrs Hurley on the left.  His Excellency and Mrs Hurley like to meet and talk with as many people as possible.  Hence it is a good idea not to be seated for longer than is necessary.

The Governor is attended by an Aide, and so is Mrs Hurley if she is fulfilling an engagement on her own.  She will ordinarily not bring a separate Aide if she is accompanying the Governor.  It is requested that the Aide be seated reasonably near and in sight of the Vice-Regal couple.  The Aide need not be at the “top table”.

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