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Salutes paid to the Governor

On formal ceremonial occasions which include a military or service guard the Governor will receive one or more Royal Salutes.  If there is also a band present, the Royal Salute will be accompanied by the musical Vice Regal Salute which is the first four and last four bars of Advance Australia Fair.  There is no sung component of a Vice Regal Salute.

On occasions where there is a band present but no official guard the musical Vice Regal Salute may be played, though this is not a requirement. 

The signal for any salute paid would be the Governor standing to attention in a designated saluting position.  Care should be taken, in consultation with our staff, to ensure that the Salute or Anthem is not played until Her Excellency and Mr Wilson are in the correct position, e.g. at their chairs, at the table, or on the dais. 


The Australian National Anthem can be played at any time in proceedings that an organiser chooses.  Where national anthems of other countries are also being played at the same event, then the Australian National Anthem is played last. Government House Protocol officers can assist organisers in determining the placement of the Australian National Anthem in events attended by the Governor.  See also

The Royal Anthem God Save The King may be played or sung in the presence of a member of the Royal family, or as a hymn during a religious service.  It is not appropriate to use the Royal Anthem as an alternative to the Australian National Anthem or as the Vice Regal Salute. 

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