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Government House Sydney welcomes bookings from school groups to participate in our School Visit Program.

Suitable for Stage 3 students studying the History topics, The Australian Colonies and Australia as a Nation, students will tour the House and undertake activities in the formal gardens of this grand colonial building.

Students will be guided through the stately interiors of Government House and will walk in the steps of past and current Governors and their guests. They will view the decorative coats of arms symbolizing the lives of past Governors, visit the elaborate ballroom used for investiture ceremonies and see the 160 year old dining table still in use and at which Royalty has dined.  Through the tour, the continuities and changes in the role of the Governor in our democracy will be highlighted and the significant contributions of Governors explained.

Through a teacher-led photo hunt in the formal gardens of Government House, students will use props to recreate formal garden parties and other ceremonial and community events that explore the role of the Governor of New South Wales. Students will create ‘then and now’ photos and explore locations of significant events of the past and present. In examining photos and present locations, students will use and analyse sources and develop empathetic understandings.

Each student will be given a booklet telling a visual story of Government House and its people, providing an attractive take-home souvenir of the visit. With space for sketching, students can personalise their booklet with a sketch of part of the magnificent building, guided by the work of a colonial artist.

We warmly welcome school groups and invite you to visit.

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