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Government House Sydney welcomes bookings from school groups to participate in our School Visit Program.

Suitable for Stage 3 students studying the History topics, The Australian Colonies and Australia as a Nation, students will tour the House and undertake activities in the formal gardens of this grand colonial building.

There are 3 parts to the visit:

  • Tour of House - The Tour will include a brief history of the building and a tour of the State Rooms. During the tour the continuities and changes in NSW society and the role of the Governor in our democracy will be highlighted and the significant contributions of Governors explained.
  • Grounds Activity - This new activity aims to develop student’s historical skills of enquiry, observation, and deduction as they engage in an History Hunt about the grounds and gardens of this significant harbour location. Students each receive a printed resource that will guide them from start to finish through a series of questions, contextual discoveries and puzzles that aim to challenge, reward and educate.
  • Native Plant Uses Activity - This activity looks at the trees and plants currently growing on site and explores how Aboriginal people used and continue to use them. This is a hands-on activity where students get to examine the plants and present their findings to others in the group.

Group sizes are limited to 20 students. For groups larger than 20, students are divided into 2-3 groups and complete the program in rotation.

For more information and to book please contact us with your enquiry.

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