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Message from Her Majesty The Queen - 6 April 2020

At a time when people across the Commonwealth are experiencing a profound and rapid change to their lives, the pain of lost loved ones, and an understandable concern about the future, my thoughts are with all Australians.

Whilst it can be difficult to remain hopeful in such challenging times, especially following the summer’s devastating bushfires and recent flooding, I am confident that the stoic and resilient nature of the Australian people will rise to the challenge.

I extend my sincere admiration to the many Australians who work tirelessly to help those affected, provide essential services for their fellow citizens, and continue to care for the most vulnerable.

You will remain in my prayers in the coming months, with the resolute knowledge that with hard work, faith and unity, we will rise to the challenges ahead and ensure the health and vitality of all Australia’s communities.

I send my thanks and warmest good wishes to you all.


The Queen's Broadcast to the UK and Commonwealth - 5 April 2020

Governor's Statement on COVID-19 - 26 March 2020


Government House Update at 23 March 2020

As a part of our response to COVID-19, Government House has taken a series of steps.

The Governor’s programme will ensure that her Constitutional duties are fulfilled. 

Consistent with Government advice regarding public gatherings, the Australia Day Honours List Investiture Ceremonies planned for May have been postponed.

The gardens and House are closed to the public. If you would like to explore Government House online, visit our multiple award-winning Virtual Tour

Many aspects of our work at Government House will continue as normal, including the care and conservation of our heritage site and the provision of support to patronage and other community organisations.

Connect to our website and social media channels for advice as to any changes to the Governor’s programme and to follow stories of Government House and our work to preserve its heritage.

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